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A team of image professionals, founded by two accomplished managers who have each built their skills around the creation of content in agencies, advertisers and audiovisual production, thus mastering the strengths and limitations of all stakeholders in photo or video production.

Guillaume Blanvillain Founder
Spent a good part of his career in communication agencies (RSCG, Publicis…), another one at the advertiser level (Audi France) as Head of communication. He joined Arno to found Loadings, the 1st advertising film production company specialized in the web, sold in 2009, and founded Within in 2014. Guillaume loves to read, and likes to convince himself that he is an ignored Victor Hugo when nothing supports this fantasy.
Arno Frant Founder
Spent his entire career in audiovisual production, first at La Fourmi and then at Le Criquet, which he founded. He has produced more than 200 advertising films as well as several short and feature films and a few documentaries. He joined Guillaume to create Loadings, the 1st advertising film production company specialized in the web, sold in 2009, and founded Within in 2014. Arno loves being wet with seawater, a glass of white wine in hand while contemplating the twilight in the Normandy evening…
Cyril Hamel Key Production Manager
A great image professional, technical expert and all-round diplomat, Cyril has been passionate about video for over twenty years, having worked in television, corporate film and training in advanced techniques on After Effects. Cyril makes it a point of honor to find a solution for any video problem in all possible configurations. If you insist, he speaks Russian or cryptocurrency which is pretty much the same.
Mylene Pirrot Key Production Manager Junior
Mylène has been a production professional for almost ten years; she joined Within at the beginning and reinforces her expertise every day, always with a smile and with great rigor. Mylène is our biker, music in her ears, flying over the steaming asphalt on her metal steed…
Guillaume Heulard Director
Guillaume is a purist, a passionate director and a living memory of cinema. He is an expert in 3D, but he is also a precise and skillful director with his actors, as well as being comfortable in all imaginable configurations. Guillaume is also an excellent art director with a total vision on an audiovisual project. Don’t pitch Guillaume on his favorite films if you don’t have at least three hours to spare.
Benoit Aubert Director / Editor
Benoit is a meticulous and ambitious director, capable of producing a video clip with the same high standards as a corporate film or a carefully crafted interview. He has a sense of narration and editing that are precious to achieve fluid, elegant and effective films. Benoit is also an excellent musician, drummer of a confirmed band: when he is not looking with his sharp eye, he listens with his very sensitive ear…
Anthony Lof Graphist & editor
“Antho” is a rigorous professional, very invested in the projects he manages, comfortable on all post-production fields from interviews to TV commercials. Antho has a small addiction to sneakers and fashion, especially on shoes which he has an amazing collection.
Benjamin Latte Graphist
Always ready to discover and investigate unknown lands, Benjamin is a pro of the beautiful image, sharpened on the last graphic trends and ready to take up all the challenges with a benevolent calm. Benjamin loves video games, tinkering with hermetic computer stuff and, curiously enough, baking, although we don’t know if it’s true.
And also
A pool of more than fifty journalists, directors, strategists, freelance 2D and 3D graphic designers, editors, scriptwriters… And all the technical teams who regularly come to us with their skills and ideas to the projects we are entrusted with!

Why Within?

At a time when images are everywhere, it is important for large companies to structure and rationalize their investments in this area:


  • The time spent by employees on each project
  • Shorten decision and information circuits
  • Manage, centralize and store the company’s productions and memories

Optimize costs

  • Play on volume effects
  • Eliminate the accumulation of margins
  • Limit (or reduce) the number of service providers
  • Rationalize requests: avoid duplication

Guarantee the quality of projects

  • Ensure results (compliance with briefs, quality of productions, respect of deadlines,…)
  • Guarantee the proper management of the rights chain

Our moto:

“who dares wins”!

Choosing this profession means loving difficult challenges, daring even to the risk of losing sometimes, for the sole purpose of pushing a beautiful idea and giving it a chance to exist, so that the messages to be transmitted are set in a rewarding, innovative and gratifying envelope.


  • Make it beautiful or choose not to make it
  • Do it in time, that’s the least we can do
  • Do and never let it done
  • Do what you say and say what you do
  • Do better, always

Contact us

Y’oure warmly welcome anytime, we are located in Levallois, near Porte de Champerret:
33, rue Jules Guesde 92300 LEVALLOIS PERRET
+33 (0)1 41 06 10 00

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